Kiesel Grout Available in 26 Colors 11 lb. Bag


Welcome to the EVOLUTION of GROUT & THINSET and the MIRACLE of modern flooring science!

A Grout that never stains, is mold resistant & never needs sealing!

Available in 26 colors.

Kiesel ServoPerl Royal Grouts are the only Mold and Mildew resistant grout available (no other grout can make this claim.) The grouts are cement-based (no epoxy) and do not require sealing. They are stain resistant and have zero VOC emission – making it easy to maintain and safe for your family. Kiesel Bauchemie Grouts are ideally suited for low & high traffic, as well as dry & wet conditions, and in both residential & commercial applications. All your indoor, outdoor and swimming pool tile grouting installations made easy — no hassle, no fuss!

Kiesel ServoFlex (floor) and ServoLight (wall) thinsets are extremely smooth to work with & have TRUE zero non-sag characteristics – which honestly has to be seen to be believed. They are self-curing (does not require air to harden) and also have zero VOC emissions.

The moisture-barrier primer (Kiesel Okatmos DSG) is a roll-on primer that allows you tile over any surface (glass, concrete, existing tile, wood, drywall etc.) without any further surface preparation; and it provides a moisture barrier which is perfect for basements and other damp areas. Floor grinding is now a thing of the past!

Key Specs
11.00 LBS
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