Kiesel Oka Silicone Caulking Available in 26 Colors


Oka Silicon is a high quality, self curing, high-stress, one component silicon sealing compound. The permanently elastic joint sealer is suitable for sanitary areas around bathtubs and sinks, and to caulk expansion joints in ceramic coverings.

Oka Silicon provides a short-term resistance to alkaline/caustic acids and lye‘s, industrial emissions and corresponds to DIN 18 545 E. The sealer should not be used over alkaline substrates (such as concrete, etc.), non-ferrous metals or for assembling fish tanks.

If used on agglomerated and natural stone coverings, penetration and edge coloration may occur. Oka Silicon cannot be coated. Please contact the Kiesel Technical Service Department for information on using Oka Silicon in submerged areas and natural stone application.

Key Specs
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