Antique White

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Antique White Polished book matched porcelain slabs from our Materia Collection feature a soft creamy white background and distinctive gray/taupe veins. The book matched, or mirrored pattern, makes these 63x126 slabs in polished finish ideal for creating stunning accent walls and showers. The seamless nature and reflective pattern allow for a truly dramatic installation, including countertops and flooring.

Specification data.

Color/appearance: the tiles have a random graphic design that varies from one piece to another. They are supplied with rectified edges ideal for narrow-jointed installation.

Size/thickness: 63"x126"x12mm

Surface: LUX+ (Polished)

Frost resistance: (UNI EN ISO 10545.12) - frost resistant

Water absorption in accordance with standards (UNI EN ISO 10545.3): ≤ 0.3%

Modulus of rupture in accordance with standards (UNI EN ISO 10545.4) 12 mm ≥ 45 N/mm2

Chemical resistance: (UNI EN ISO 10545.13): GA / GLA

Recommended joint: 2 mm

Recommended areas of use: Residential and commercial building, interior floors, walls & Countertops.